About PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB)

PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) stand legally on November 25, 2016 but actually research from product development and our company we have started in 2012, PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) is one of 4 partner health tool group companies. PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) equips the 3 partner companies of the previous group namely PT. Mitra Inti Medika (MIM), PT. Mitra Buana Maju (MBM) and PT. Mitra Tera Accuracy (MTA).


Become a local company of national health tools to support the independence of local products, and absorb the needs of the domestic market.


Create local products of quality and safe medical devices that meet national and international standards, and provide the best service to consumers.


Ir. Mohammad Nasir (Owner PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB))

PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB)

Foundations of PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) underlying the establishment of PT. EMB as a domestic medical equipment manufacture company due to the lack of quality domestic healthcare products with medium & high level technology, but also based on the government regulation that encourage the domestic medical equipment industry such as:
• Presidential Instruction No. RI. 6 Th 2016 on the accelerated development of the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices.
• Regulation of the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia No: 16 / M-Ind / PER / 2/2011 provisions and procedures for calculation of component level in the country.
With the regulation PT. EMB will be one of the manufacture companies that apply medium technology to high technology in the field of health equipment, to realize the independence of domestic industry.

Andi Hermawan Skom. (Director)

Dr. Ir. Ahyahudin Sodri, M.Sc. VDI (CEO)

Winarso, ST. MT (General Manager)

Quality Policy

PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) Committed to:
1. Always improve customer satisfaction
2. Produce a safe product
3. Always strive to ensure the quality of products produced by:
• Delivery on time
• Increased human resources
• Continuous improvement
4. Complying with applicable laws and regulations and
5. Maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system.