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Enesers or PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) stand legally on November 25, 2016 but actually research from product development and our company we have started in 2012, PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) is one of 4 partner health tool group companies. PT. Enesers Mitra Berkah (EMB) equips the 3 partner companies of the previous group namely :

PT. Mitra Inti Medika (MIM),

PT. Mitra Tera Akurasi (MTA), and

PT. Miramed Jaya Mandiri


To become a classy local company for national medical devices to support the independence of local products, and to absorb the needs of the domestic market.


The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary
is just that little extra.


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Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance or maintenance carried out as a prevention, So that it is done before the machine damage occurs.

Breakdown Maintenance

feature-description">Maintenance is carried out after the equipment is damaged which is then repaired so that it can run properly.

Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance is carried out in order to prevent damage and maintenance is carried out periodically which has been scheduled within a certain time limit.

Predictive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is before the machine is damaged. However, the difference is that this policy is based on a strategy against the machine itself.

Corrective Maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance carried out after the machine is damaged in order to correct or restore all machine activities to return to operation.


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  • Anesthesia
  • Baby Incubator
  • Electro Sugery
  • Fetal Monitor
  • Operating Lamp
  • Operating Table
  • Suction Pump
  • Patient Monitor
  • Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler
  • Oxygen Generator
  • USG Makna & D
  • Advance Cervical Scan 120
  • Oxygen Concentrator NSR G05

Anesthesia Machine

A 8500

Anesthesia Machine

A 8500 GS

Anesthesia Machine

A 8500 TC

Anesthesia Machine

AN 350

Baby Incubator

B 1001

Baby Incubator

B 1002

Baby Incubator

B 1003

Electro Sugery


Electro Sugery


Fetal Monitor

FM 12

Fetal Monitor

FM 15

Fetal Monitor

FM 18

Operating Lamp

Sinar 5050

Operating Lamp

Sinar 7050

Operating Lamp

Sinar 7070

Operating Table

OT 6500

Suction Pump


Suction Pump

SC 3000

Patient Monitor

PM 1000

Patient Monitor

PM 1200

Patient Monitor

PM 1200 Plus

Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler

FD 1

Oxygen Generator

G 60

Oxygen Generator

G 120

Oxygen Generator

G 180

USG Makna & D


USG Makna & D

12 A

Advance Cervical Scan


Oxygen Concentrator



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